Pig iron making plant operating under Romelt process
  • Unit location: Pang Pet, the Republic of the Union of Maynmar
  • Unit type: Integrated metallurgical works
  • Capacity: 200 000 tons of pig iron per year

The project on construction of Pig iron making plant in the Republic of the Union of Maynmar represents the first industrial realization of unique Russian technology – Romelt process, which allows to process base iron ores without preliminary benefication followed by saleable product – pig iron production. It is presumed that local base iron ore of Pang Pet ore deposit with up to 29% Fe content and power coal from Kye Thee coal field will be used for pig iron production at this plant.

Besides pig iron, which is the main product of Romelt process, this technology allows to produce granulated slag for commercial utilization (construction of roads, buildings, installations etc.) and electric power in the volume sufficient for covering plant own requirements as well as electric power supply to external Myanmar power grid.

Construction of Pig iron making plant represents a very important social project. First of all its completion enables creation of 1000 new workplaces. Training of Myanmar personnel for future production control will be arranged in the process of this project realization in Russia, India and at Pang Pet plant construction site. Besides that the Myanmar party has also established the new university for Romelt plant personnel training. This project also means infrastructure development in that area of the Republic of the Union of Maynmar: repair of existing and construction of new roads, construction of high voltage power lines.

Commercial pig iron production will start in 2016 at the latest. Pig iron will be used for steel production at the existing Myingyan steel plant as a raw material.