Centralized system of collection, transportation and purification of surface flow in Gelendzhik city-resort

Design and construction of a centralized system for collecting, transporting and treating surface runoff in the resort city of Gelendzhik. It includes the construction of an upland collector for discharging water into the Yashabka and Aderba rivers, as well as the construction and reconstruction of existing gravity networks, with the switching of existing outlets, the construction of a sewage pumping station, pressure sections, a VOC and a deep-water outlet.

The construction of a storm sewer system and treatment facilities with deep-water discharges will make it possible to completely eliminate the problem of dirty water ingress into the Gelendzhik Bay. In addition, during construction, all illegal tie-ins into storm sewers will be eliminated, and 274 analyzer sensors will be installed along the entire length of the collectors for round-the-clock network monitoring, which will instantly detect impurities in domestic wastewater in the event of illegal tie-ins and promptly eliminate them.

Analyzer buoys will also be installed inside the bay, which determine the temperature and quality of the water. Residents and tourists will be able to receive this information around the clock through an application or QR codes placed in public spaces.

The entire system will be controlled from a single centralized control room. This solution will increase the tourist attractiveness of the resort city of Gelendzhik.