Pakistan Steel Plant
  • Unit location: 40 km from Karachi, Sindh province, Pakistan
  • Unit type: Integrated Steel Plant of Pakistani Steel Corporation.
  • Capacity: 1.1 million tons of steel per year

Capital repair of second grade of Blast Furnace №2
Blast Furnace №2 with volume 1033 m3 Capital repair of 2nd grade was performed in 2002.
Maintenance time (taking into account the replacement of 2 rows of hearth bottom carbonaceous  blocks ) – 45 days. Subcontractor of  JSC “VO”Tyazhpromexport” – JSC “Tsentrdomnaremont”.
The Project involved not only the proper repairs but also modernization of separate BF systems. For the first time in Asia there was installed and commissioned the up-to-date automation of the 2-nd level on the basis of “Schneider Electric”, the American Company, providing for BF process fully automatic control.

Repairing and modernization of waste-heat boiler at BOF
The repair of waste-heat boiler of 130t converter was performed in 1998 “on turn-key basis”.  Maintenance time – 30 days. Subcontractor of  JSC “VO”Tyazhpromexport” –  Meten Ltd.

Capital repair of TPP- TBS units. Repairs on “turn-key” basis involved the repairs of turbo generator with capacity of 25 megawatt with replacement of rotor blades and part of stator coil, lining replacement of 3 power boiler. Capital repair was performed in 2000. Maintenance time – 90 days. Subcontractor of JSC “VO”Tyazhpromexport” – JSC “Lenenergoremont”.