• Russia, Moscow / Ice Palace
  • Total area: 24500 m2
  • Height: 20 m
  • Floors: 4
  • Capacity: 500 positions

The Ice Arena was built on the territory of Luzhniki Olympic complex, between the small sport arena and the Palace of Sports. Sport complex’ group of buildings with the distinct conservative architecture features of the middle of the last. That is why the ice palace has strictly rectangular in shape, occupying only 70% of the allocated area, but preserving the “landing” of the demolished building.

The facades of the building also depend on the surroundings. Despite the fact that in most cases ice rinks do not require natural light, here, obeying the general stylistics, the authors made the facades glass. And in order to protect the ice from direct sunlight, they provided vertical lamellae, which can be used to make the wall completely blank.

The palace includes
  • Two training arenas measuring 61 by 30 meters;
  • There are 249 seats in each arena;
  • Gym;
  • Group exercise room;
  • Martial Arts Hall;
  • Cafe for 150 seats with a view of the arena;
  • Office space 1.3 thous. sq. m;
  • Spa complex;
  • Lounge area for 25 seats with a view of the arena.

The two 61×30 meter training arenas are equipped as follows:

  • Spectator stands for 250 seats each;
  • Six locker rooms for athletes for 25 people each;
  • Two coaches’ locker rooms, 1 referees’ locker room, as well as
    cafe for 150 seats with a view of the arena and access to the stands.
In the area of the fitness club will be located

Boxing room, spa area, locker rooms, office space and sporting goods store.
A separate area for children’s fitness is planned.
The fitness club will also be equipped with Russia’s only publicly available ice skating simulator.

Thanks to the transformable sides, the size of hockey boxes can meet the standards of both the KHL and the NHL.

Office space for the administration and tenants is allocated up to 1,3 thous. sq.m.

In total, up to 850 athletes and spectators can be in the palace Crystal at the same time.

Stages of construction