By the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet № 157/4 dd. 01.07.57 Central Department of Economic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR was transformed into new separate authority – the State Committee for External Economic Relations (SCEER) under the Council of Ministries of the USSR.

The same day a number of All-Union foreign economic enterprises were established under the SCEER, including V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT) – for technical assistance to foreign countries in construction and rehabilitation of mining and metallurgical projects.

Initially geography of activity of V/O TYAZHPROEMXPORT covered projects in 6 countries: India, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and KDPR (North Korea).


Construction of first phase of Bhilai Steel Plant (Madhya Pradesh St., India), the firstling of Soviet-Indian cooperation in metallurgy, was completed. Since that time and up to now India has been holding one of key positions in the geography of activity of V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT.


Due to significant increase of the number of projects of economic cooperation, business area relating to the non-ferrous metallurgy, coal, peat and shale industry was separated into newly established organization under the SCEER – V/O TSVETMETPROMEXPORT.

Meanwhile, V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT concentrated its efforts on construction and rehabilitation of iron-and-steel industry projects in 16 countries of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Many years successful activity of V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT in the world market was honoured with the Gold Mercury International Award in the nomination ‘For Peace and Cooperation’.


In the course of reform of the Soviet system of foreign economic relations V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT merged V/O TSVETMETPROMEXPORT from the SCEER and V/O METALLURGIMPORT from the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR.

V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT was placed under the authority of integrated Ministry of foreign economic relations of the USSR.

Thus, the scope of activity of V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT again covered entire set of services on construction and rehabilitation of mining, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical projects abroad, as well as import of mining, dressing, metallurgical and foundry equipment, complete mining and metallurgical projects, by-product coke plants, peat briquette plants for the needs of Soviet industry.


When the Soviet Union ceased to exist, V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT was placed under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Russian Federation, later – of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT completely retained its specialization


Since liquidation of V/O SELKHOZPROMEXPORT, V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT has been continuing the activity of mentioned organization in the area of construction and rehabilitation of some kinds of complete agro-industrial projects: silos, flourmills, feed mills.

In the course of ‘Oil for Food’ UN Program V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT supplied and mounted complete equipment for 4 rice silos in the Republic of Iraq.


V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT concluded pilot contract for the construction of metallurgical cast and iron works using ROMELT innovation technology (iron smelting reduction process) developed in Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. The plant is being constructed in the Union of Myanmar.


The Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 243 dd. 06.03.2009 stipulates reorganization V/O TYAZHPROMEXPORT from a state unitary enterprise to an open joint stock company with transferring of 100 % of shares to the ownership  of the State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product (RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGIES State Corporation).