Characteristics of the project

Unit location:

40 km from Karachi, Sindh province, Pakistan

Unit type:

Integrated Steel Plant of Pakistani Steel Corporation.


Designed capacity of the Steel Plant constructed with assistance of the USSR in 1985 – 1.1 MTPA of steel output with capacity for further expansion up to 3.0 MTPA of steel.

Additionally, in addition:

Steel Plant modernization program envisages output enhancement up to 1.5 MTPA of steel with further increase of steel output to 3.0 MTPA and then up to 5.0 MTPA of steel.

Pakistan Steel Plant

Capital repair of second grade of Blast Furnace №2

Blast Furnace №2 with volume 1033 m3

Capital repair of 2nd grade was performed in 2002.

Maintenance time (taking into account the replacement of 2 rows of hearth bottom carbonaceous  blocks ) – 45 days.

Subcontractor of  JSC "VO"Tyazhpromexport" – JSC "Tsentrdomnaremont".

The Project involved not only the proper repairs but also modernization of separate BF systems. For the first time in Asia there was installed and commissioned the up-to-date automation of the 2-nd level on the basis of “Schneider Electric”, the American Company, providing for BF process fully automatic control.


Repairing and modernization of waste-heat boiler at BOF

The repair of waste-heat boiler of 130t converter was performed in 1998 “on turn-key basis”.  

 Maintenance time – 30 days.

Subcontractor of  JSC "VO"Tyazhpromexport" –  Meten Ltd.


Capital repair of TPP- TBS units.

Repairs on “turn-key” basis involved the repairs of turbo generator with capacity of 25 megawatt with replacement of rotor blades and part of stator coil, lining replacement of 3 power boiler.

Capital repair was performed in 2000.

Maintenance time – 90 days.

Subcontractor of JSC "VO"Tyazhpromexport" – JSC “Lenenergoremont”.