Characteristics of the project

Unit location:

Bhilai Steel Plant, Madhya Pradesh State, India

Unit type:

Integrated Steel Plant


The designed capacity of the Steel Plant built with the assistance of the USSR in 1959 – nearly 1.0 MTPA of steel. At the present time the capacity of the Plant rates 5.178 MTPA of liquid steel

Additionally, in addition:

The steel plant expansion program envisages the output enhancement up to 7.0 MTPA of liquid steel inclusive of the construction of Coke Baterry-11, Sinter Machine 360 m2, BF – 8 4060m3, Steel Making Shop -3 with capacity of 4 MTPA of steel, rail an

Bhilai Steel Plant

Sinter Plant № 2 Construction

 Sinter Plant № 2 at BSP was built with technical assistance of JSC "VO “Tyazhpromexport” under the design of “Mechanobr” Institute (Russia) consisting of 3 machines with 75 m2 area and 1 machine with 80m2 area commissioned in 1979, 1981, 1986 and 1991 respectively.

The Sinter Plant equipment is manufactured by HEC, the Indian Company according to the drawings of Uralmash and YUMZ, the Russian Plants.

The designed output of the Sinter Plant rates to 3.137 MTPA of sinter


 Construction of Raw  Materials Storage and Handling System of Sinter Plant  № 3

Raw Materials Storage & Handling System was constructed with the technical assistance of JSC "VO “Tyazhpromexport”  under the design of UkrGipromez, the Design Institute, being  the integral part of new Sinter Plant No.3 built by Simplex, the  Indian Company,  the Design & Engineering was provided by Mitsui,  the Japanese Company.

The equipments supplies, civil and structural works of Raw Materials Storage & Handling System were performed by Tyazhprom(India) Pvt.Ltd., the subsidiary company of   VO “Tyazhpromexport”.  Start-up & adjustment were also performed by Tyazhprom(India) Pvt.Ltd. under the specialists supervision of JSC "VO “Tyazhpromexport”. 

The designed capacity of Sinter Plant No.3 and Raw Materials Storage & Handling System making-up its integral part rates to 3 200 MTPA of sinter.


Coke Battery No 9 capital repair

The repairs of Coke Battery No.9, one out of 10 coke batteries (Nos. 1-8 of 4.3m high, Nos.9 & 10  of 7m high) also constructed with technical assistance of JSC "VO “Tyazhpromexport” , was performed stage-by-stage in 1998-2001 period without  suspension of coke production (hot repairs) by way of successive chambers relining according to the design of Giprokoks under the specialists supervision of Ogneuporkoksservis.