In 2017, Tyazhpromexport completed two ЕРС projects (engineering, procurement and construction) in India. The project dealt with the construction of sinter plant in Visakhapatnam and modernization of sinter plant in Bokaro, both steel plants being the top leaders of Indian metallurgy.

          03.08.2017. TPE received Final Acceptance Certificate under Contract T&C(M)/B351/CSA/141 dated December, 10 2011 for modernization of sinter machine No. 1 at Bokaro Steel Plant.

          The objective of modernization of sinter machine No. 1 was to enlarge sintering area from 276 tо 312 m2, replace the material and design of pallets with sinter layer increased from 400 tо 500 mm and improve the quality of blending. These measures, along with modernization of gas collecting main and additional actions taken by the Customer to replace exhausters and filters, made it possible to improve machine performance and reduce pollution levels.

      18.12.2017. TPE received Final Acceptance Certificate under Contract VSP-6.3 MTPA EXPN/SP-3/CONT/TPE/44-187/02200/M-706/2007-2008 dated May, 01.2007 for construction of sinter machine No. 3 at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

         The construction was part of the program of plant expansion to 6.3 mln. tons of steel a year.

         The scope of work performed by Tyazhpromexport included the delivery of design documentation and core process equipment, construction management and supervision, installation, testing, startup and сommissioning of facilities, as well as training Indian operating personnel.